Fun Run Fundraising and Event Services

Bringing you more choice in your web-based fundraiser.


Instead of selling products, your students will earn money for your school while improving their fitness!


Friends and Family from around the globe can donate to your great cause with custom student pledge pages!


LTeachers and Parents are happy again! A simple two-week fundraiser has never been so rewarding or easy!


Our program will earn you more profit than any other event company!

From Beginning to end, this full-service program is designed to raiser you MORE money than you could raise by doing a similar program on your own or with another company.

What we offer

Our program is designed to MAXIMIZE the profit potential for your group using our POWERFUL online tools and our staff’s combined 40 years in the event fundraising business.


The key to any successful fundraising campaign is enthusiasm. The teachers and parents need to get excited about your GOAL, and the students need to get excited by the GOAL and the REWARDS! Our program does this better than anyone!


Our events are supported by our POWERFUL pledge-drive technology. Each Student will get a personalized website that is easy to use. Parent scan easily share their child’s donation site to friend and family with their social media platforms, email, and by text messaging!


Our experts will design a comprehensive schedule of marketing and media communications that will MAXIMIZE results. We will provide posters, print materials, rewards, email updates to parents and teachers, samle media releases, corporate donaor match letters, etc.


Our groups earn 60-70% clear of every donation. 20% – 30% of each donation is spent on organizational materials and student rewards. 3% is spent to cover credit card transactions, and we take 7% as our fee. Our 7% fee covers the custom websites, print materials, marketing plan, hosting fees, and consultation.


The Secret of Success

Former linebacker of the NFL Chicago bears, Jamar Williams, poses with an elementary school in the Henderson area.  They made 70% Profit from their recent Fun Run Campaign that kicked off in October of 2018.  They made over $38,000 in profit in a few short weeks.  

Having a former professional athlete present at your school can really boost your numbers.  His positive message given to the  students is to work hard to accomplish their goals and dreams!

Guess what?!?  Jamar is the coordinator of EVERY fun run fundraiser we offer!

Client Results

Don’t take our word for it – here are some recent results in 2018! 
You can request more references if you like!

$26,197 Profit 

International Christian Academy
200 Students- Las Vegas 

$54,174 Profit

Doral Academy- Red Rock
760 Students- Summerlin

$26,879 Profit

Tanaka Elementary
864 Students- Las Vegas

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